LGU INREM Champions

The Third International Conference on Integrated Natural Resources and Environment Management (INREM 2021) which will be held on November 17 to 18, 2021 via Online Platform will recognize Local Government Units (LGUs) who are implementing interdisciplinary programs to uplift the health, wealth, and well-being of their constituents and the environment.


  1. Municipality of San Luis, Batangas:                                                                                                                   Farm-to-Table: A Successful Story of Vibrant and Sustainable Agriculture in San Luis, Batangas

2. Provincial Government of Agusan del Sur:

 Bantay Danao: A Community-based Initiativein Agusan Marsh Sanctuary

  1. Municipality of Alabat:

Stingless BeeKEEPING the Environment Healthy

  1. Municipality of Botolan, Zambales

“Waste is Everybody’s Responsibility”

  1. Municipality of Leganes, IloIlo

Establishing Partnership: A Strategy in Mangrove Management

  1. Municipality of General Nakar, Quezon

Watershed Protection and Enforcement Program

  1. City of  Masbate