The objectives of the UPLB Interdisciplinary Studies Center for Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management are:


  1. Engage in interdisciplinary RDE projects on natural resources management and environmental protection;
  2. Demonstrate INREM from theory to practice;
  3. Engage the different institutions to practice INREM;
  4. Recommend INREM-based policy and institutional reforms;
  5. Conduct public education and communication on INREM issues and concerns;
  6. Develop INREM-based monitoring and evaluation systems.




Area-based Collaboration RDE will allow the engagement of the Center to implement projects on natural resources management and environmental protection and demonstrate INREM from theory to practice.


The program on Public Education and Capacity Building will enhance the understanding of practitioners and project implementers on INREM. It will include awareness raising, information dissemination, dialogue, trainings, seminars, and workshops.


Policy and Institutional Reforms program will enhance the understanding of policy makers and facilitate policy reforms on INREM.


Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) program will develop tools to be used on all INREM programs implemented by the Center, to gauge the progress and effectiveness of INREM.






Dr. Juan M. Pulhin, CFNR, Chair

Prof. Ricardo M. Sandalo, CHE, Co-Chair

Dr. Leonardo M. Florece, SESAM

Dr. Ma. Victoria O. Espaldon, SESAM

Dr. Rex Victor O. Cruz, CFNR

Dr. Cristina M. Bajet, CA

Dr. Antonio L. Santos, CAS

Dr. Concorcia E. Reaño, CAS

Dr. Damasa M. Macandog, CAS

Dr. Virginia C. Cuevas, CAS

Prof. Rosario V. Tatlonghari, CDC

Prof. Rosa Filipinas F. Francisco, CDC

Dr. Jovita L. Movillon, CEAT

Dr. Zenaida M. Sumalde, CEM

Dr. Wilfredo M. Carandang, CFNR

Prof. Joan Pauline P. Talubo, CHE

Dr. Josefina T. Dizon, CPAf

Dr. Bella C. Cruzana, CVM

Dr. Michelle Grace V. Paraso, CVM

Dr. Mark Dondi M. Arboleda, SESAM

Dr. Rico C. Ancog, SESAM

Mr. Michael B. Biguelme, OVCRE

Mr. Lawrence N. Garcia, OVCRE

Ms. Catherine C. de Luna, CFNR